Various Ways Of Removing Snow And Ice From Your Home

While removal of snow from your driveways, sidewalks, and various other areas around your house is not an easy task, there are few things you can do to make snow removal easier. Before winters, it is important to keep all your tools at an easily accessible location. If you have few power tools, make sure they are in perfect working order. Let’s have a close look at few tips and tools for removing snow from your home....

Keep it clean

If you are at home when snow is falling, you should make multiple trips outside to remove the snow. Removal is easy when there’s only few inches of snow on the ground. If you want to remove snow as it is falling, it’s not important to remove the last snowflake. Just clean most of the snow and avoid leaving snow on your driveway or sidewalks overnight because falling temperature can freeze the snow, making it more difficult to remove.

Snow melter

In the areas with minimal snowfall, snow melter is all that you need to keep your house clear of snow. You should choose snow melter that won’t damage the concrete and other areas around your house. To get the best possible results, you should apply snow melter much before or immediately after the snowfall. The snow melter will keep even the heaviest snow from accumulating on your driveway or sidewalks. All areas that receives heavy snowfall, snow melter is useful in removing ice and all packed snow after removing most of the snow using other tools.

Snow shovel, snow pusher and ice pick

Even though the snow shovel is being used since decades for removing snow, but its not always the best. For scraping and bursting, a flat/ square shovel offer much better results than a snow shovel.

A snow pusher also offers much better results than a snow shove. It is a wheeled tool equipped with a large scoop, which a homeowners can push down their sidewalks and driveways to remove the snow.

Though scoop is not exactly a snow shovel, but it does make the work of snow removal easier and faster. These days, ice pick is used to chip and pick the snow. It’s similar to scratch awl.

Roof rakes

Removal of snow from roof is not same as removing snow from the garden. In all areas that receive snowfall, roofs are mostly inclined and this is the biggest reason why mechanical tools cannot be used by the homeowners. Either they use manual tools or they may call experts in roof raking. In this case, gravity works for the homeowner and if snowfall is not continuous, then nature itself would melt the snow and just minor effort on part of the homeowner will ensure no ice collects on the roof.

For roof raking, roof rakes and aluminum ladder are required. Mostly, roof rakes are firmly attached at the end of a tube. They are made of hard plastic or aluminum. Aluminum is preferred, as it is tough. Aluminum ladders are used as roofs are slippery and inclined. All the portions that can be reached through tube extensions are cleared of snow and all other areas are left out in as is condition. Sometimes chemical deicers are also used by the homeowners.

Snow plow

They are widely used commercial tools for snow removal. They are very useful in large capacities. These days, the snow plow consists of a pick-up truck equipped with a large plow. The plow is permanently attached to the truck.

Some plows use hydraulics or electric motor to lower or raise them. Sometimes bigger plows are affixed with large tractor, loader or backhoe. Some of them may have more than one large plow and even sprinkle salt as they plow.

Aside from various types of pick up trucks, snow plows are also used on various types of vehicles such as small riding mowers (used to cut grass in winters) or personal SUV. Snow plows can also be mounted on rail cars to remove snow from the rail tracks.

Electric and gasoline snow throwers

A snow thrower is also a good choice for removing large amounts of snow within a short time. Though expensive, you can save money by buying a used thrower. An electric snow thrower is helpful to large number of people who want to save money on fuel costs and want to enjoy the benefits of using an easy to operate and clean running snow removal tool.

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