DIY Mobile Home Wall Panel Replacement Tips And Instructions

The mobile home wall panel replacement is a process of getting the damages in the walls repaired. This can be done by an expert, but also you can do it by yourself. It requires some time, but at the same time your effort will be rewarded. You save money and you prove yourself you are capable of doing it without asking the help of an expert.

The types of wall panels available in the marketplace might vary, but you'll definitely find one that suits your needs. The best choices are wood paneling, standard drywall and vinyl-coated drywall.

Wood paneling is the traditional method of repairing the walls. Wood wall paneling has a long history, as it was always used to dress up a room. A room's importance, elegance and style used to be revealed by the superior quality of wood panels such as oak, mahogany and walnut. Contemporary wood paneling implies improved mounting systems, better edges and custom sizes. Wood paneling is far more expensive than other fake walls. If you can't afford it you can always go for paper film imitation of wood walls.

Standard drywall is the easiest solution for repairing the damages. The invention of drywall took place in the early 20th century. Once with the invention the drywall, the job of the builders became easier to do. They did not have to wait for the plaster to dry, they could finish the walls more quickly. Drywall is highly recommended for to do it yourself and gives a cleaner, smoother surface. Drywall is made of different layers of papers and gypsum, that's why you should be careful while installing it taking into account its heaviness. The most common size of this material is 8 by 4 feet. If you intend to use up to 16 feet drywall, you need more people helping you with the installation. Thicker drywalls are resistant to fire, which is a great advantage of this material.

Vinyl-Coated Drywall is one of the most difficult materials to use. That happens because of the nature of vinyl. No any patching material or paint will adhere to vinyl surface in time. The options available are to cover the affected area or to replace the vinyl drywall with another drywall.

Usually mobile home wall panel replacement is required if wall panels are old, discolored or damaged. Here's a guide on how to learn to replace your mobile home wall panels:

First, measure the height and the width of the walls in orders to determine how many panels you need. Then, "clean the spot", meaning take down all decorations.

The next step is to bring around all material and device you need for this process such as pry bar, tape measure, hammer, pencil, paper, new panels, circular saw, power drill. jigsaw, finish nails, construction adhesive and battens. If you think you may need something else, feel free to bring it at hand.

Get rid of the wood battens used to cover the seams in panels. Do it by inserting the pry bar under the batten and pull it out of the panel.

Place the bar pry between the seams of the panel and force it with a hammer under the panel. The action required is the separation of the panel from the wall.

Use a tape measure to measure the height needed for new panels. Put down the measurements.

The circular saw is used to cut the new panels to the right dimensions, along the marks you've made with your pencil.

Draw on a paper to locate the switches and outlets on the wall. Then, draw an outline on the panel for each of them. By using a drill you can create access holes. Cut around the outline with a jigsaw.

Construction adhesive needs to be applied on the back of the panel. Press the panel against the wall and wait for the adhesive to set.

The edge of the panels should overlap the wall, If needed, use some additional panels.

Hammer finish nails at the edge of the panels in order to secure them.

The last step is to add new battens and make them more durable by hammering few finish nails.

Before you start, take into account the importance of the measurements. If you don't measure correctly, all your work will be in vain. You end up with panels that won't fit.

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