When Should You Replace Your Mobile Home Door?

If you own a mobile home then you might notice that mobile home entry doors can get damaged easily. It is very important to replace or repair your entry door quickly after you have noticed that it will not be usable anymore. Most of these mobile home doors are created will low standard which is why they are generally prone to various mishaps.

The entry doors of mobile homes can easily get damaged due to constant use as well as the various changes of the weather. Most of the time, you will use your door when you constantly bring some stuff inside or outside of your mobile home. The function of the door can be affected by rain, heat or snow. There are three common signs that can help you in determining if you need to replace or repair your doors. First, if you have noticed that your door is not aligned anymore then it needs an adjustment. Second, if the hardware on your door has malfunctioned or it’s already worn out. Finally, if you will notice that your weather striping is not functioning properly anymore.

Doors are generally supported by hinges and when these hinges began to rust then it might be difficult to close or it might produce some noise. The best thing to do is to apply some lubrication or you will have to replace it. The weather stripping is responsible for keeping the air out whether it’s cold or hot. If it will not function properly then your bills will increase. There are various types of weather stripping; some can be repaired easily while others should be replaced. Most often entry doors have locks. Doors locks should be aligned and lubricated properly. If they can’t be repaired anymore then you should replace them.

When choosing mobile home doors, you can have a lot of options for both the interior as well as the exterior of your mobile home. Mobile home doors can provide protection to the residents and at the same time it can keep the elements out and provide privacy. Additionally, it can also add beauty to your mobile home. Doors for mobile homes can be French doors, screened doors, hard wood doors, sliding glass doors, vinyl doors, cupboard doors as well as paneled exterior and interior doors.

Most mobile homes have rooms that require interior doors. For this type of doors, you can choose the ones which are made of vinyl or wood. You can choose to make it simple or choose to have an intricate design. Doors can make a certain area private such as bathrooms and bedrooms. Additionally, interior doors can also be used in the area where you store some household items in order to make it clean.

Your mobile home should have two exterior doors, both for the front as well as for the back. These doors are generally used for entry and exit of the residents who live in the mobile home. Exterior doors can be made of metal, vinyl or wood. Exterior doors can be a double door. The inside door should be solid while the external door can be made of a screen or glass so that fresh air or sunlight can get in.

There are certain steps that you have to follow in replacing your mobile home door. First, you have to measure both the height and the width of your door. Although, most mobile home doors can match up to preset sizes so this should not be a problem. Second, you must be aware of the location of the door hinge. It is important that you must know if it is on the right or left side of the door before purchasing your door. You must also decide if you want to replace your lock. Third, be sure to purchase all the supplies that you need in replacing your door such as putty tape and others. Fourth, if you have all the supplies then you are ready to install your door. Take out all the screws from the old door then remove the door away from its frame. Be sure to scrape all the putty from the frame then put some putty tape on the flanges on your new door. Fit the door into the frame. Put the screws and install the door lock.

In order to prevent any damages to your door, you should take good care of it. Water leakage can be prevented by installing a weatherproof caulking. In order to seal the air inside the mobile home, you should install a weather stripping at the base. Condensation can quickly damage your door; therefore you must dry it up quickly when condensation starts.

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