Getting The Best Out Of Mobile Home Decks

The popularity of mobile home decks is growing by the day. This is attributed to the ever growing demand for mobile homes. More and more people are opting for mobile homes instead of the traditional type of houses. Reasons that are making people settle for mobile homes include affordability, energy efficiency, easy to install, and more comfortable. To further add value and user-friendliness, home owners are also attaching decks on the property.

Types of Decks Used in Mobile Homes

There are several types of decks that are readily available in the market. The suitability of each type will vary according to personal preference, cost, suitability, and also availability. The common types are as follows:

1) Wooden decks: These are among the most common: They usually come as soft or hard wood decks. Soft wood decks are made from timber harvested from aging forests. This includes pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress. Hardwood is harvested from tropical forests. It is more durable than softwood, and includes mahogany, teak, and ipe.

2) Composite decks: These decks are made from a material that contains a mixture of recycled materials, wood shavings or wood pulp. It is considered as an alternative to wood since it reduces illegal harvesting of trees. However, it may also contain harmful substances that may also be non-recyclable.

3) Wood-Plastic composite decks: This is a deck made from a mixture of wood and plastic.

4) Metal decks: Metal decks are usually made from aluminium. They are lightweight and also more durable than most decks. Nonetheless, they are also among the most expensive.

5) Vinyl Decks: Vinyl decks are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This type of deck has been receiving the most attention in the last few years. This is attributed to its long-lasting nature, versatility, and also eco-friendliness.

6) Synthetic decks: This are made from artificial materials mostly derived from petroleum products. They come in different forms which include polystyrene, high –density polyethylene, and PET plastic.

Step By Step Guidelines on How to Attach a Deck to a Mobile Home

Designing and attaching a deck requires several steps. Each step also requires proper planning and execution. Generally, the steps are as follows:

1) Choosing the location: A deck may be situated at the front, back, side, roof, as well as all-round the house. It is therefore important to determine the best design.

2) Purpose of the deck: A home owner should also decide on the reason for erecting the deck. Decks are used for entertainment, increasing space, storage, or patio. The purpose will influence the size, design, and materials to be used.

3) Size of the deck: -Prior to affixing a deck, it is important to get the size right. A big deck takes more space and also costs more, while a small deck may be restrictive in terms of movement and may also seem out of place.

4) Design: the deck’s design should complement the mobile house rather than overwhelming it. The designing will include trying to match the material with that used in the house’s siding. The deck needs to appear natural hence a person thinking it came as part of the house.

5) Construction: A competent person may decide to construct the deck as a “Do-it-Yourself Project (DIY), or may seek assistance from a proficient deck builder. Whichever the method, it is important to ensure the deck perfectly fits prior to starting the construction. This will not only save time, energy, and money, but will also serve its purpose perfectly.

Proper Care of Mobile Home Decks

Decks require regular maintenance. The type of maintenance will depend on the type of material used, weather and climate, and also the time of season. Decks built in areas that experience a lot of rain, wind, sunshine, and dust will require more maintenance. Decks made from materials such as aluminium, or vinyl are easier to maintain compared to wooden decks. Basically, maintenance comprises of the following:

1) Regular cleaning: This entails using a broom, mop, water, and soap/detergents to wipe off dirt, dust and debris off the decks surface.

2) Painting: Painting is not done regularly. It is aimed at protecting the surface from moisture which might affect the material. For instance, a bare wooden deck may be affected by dry rot if exposed to moisture. Painting also inhibits UV rays which may have adverse effects on the deck.

3) Sealing: This is a more permanent solution. Sealants are applied on the surface of the deck to make it water proof and also more durable. The sealant which comes in clear or colored form may be penetrative or just coat the surface. It helps in combating mold, moisture, and much more.

Mobile home decks come with a number of benefits. The decks add space to the home hence being used as storage or constructing pet dens. Decks also create a conducive and serene outdoor ambience. The deck may be used as an observatory, corridor, greenery, or patio. The additional structure will also go a long way in increasing the value of the property.

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