Why Mobile Home Carports Make More Sense When Compared To Conventional Car Garages

Building a home can be a costly affair. By the time it comes to car garages, homeowners run short of monies notwithstanding meticulous planning of construction costs. Alternately, they may compromise elsewhere to get that garage and remain dissatisfied with their dream home. Using mobile home carports instead of traditional enclosed garages can be a solution to this problem and many more.

What are mobile home carports?

Basically, mobile home carports are more like awnings that serve the same functions as traditional garages, i.e., protecting the car from rain, sun, snow, and heat and keeping its surface free from dust. Any such carport should not cause much noise, and last long. Unlike garages, they won't burn a hole in the pocket because they are open on three sides. These can be easily dismantled and assembled so there is saving in labor cost as well. Most  are available as DIY kits consisting of:

a. Insulated panels with interlocking arrangements

b. Front headers

c. Beams

d. Fascias for front as well as sides

e. Mounting rail

f. Columns and posts

g. Brackets

h. Anchors made from wood or concrete

i. Downspouts and drainage scuppers

j. Anchor brackets

k. Gutters

l. Caulking and other hardware

Climate dictates whether mobile home carports are suitable for the region or not. While make a selection, people do need to consider factors such as weight of snow, speed of wind, lashing of rain, and heat from sun. Accordingly, they may have to order insulated panels as well as posts and columns of heavier grade if the region experiences high speed winds, or heavy snow fall.

Why many people prefer mobile home carports to conventional garages

Garages usually turn into dumping grounds for all sundry items and unsightly tools. Even more disturbing is the fact that most garages are dark and damp, providing perfect environment for breeding rodents, lizards, fungi, bacteria, and other insects. The feeling of freshness is usually lacking in garages unless it is left open. Obviously, with all that material in there, it is not advisable to keep the garages open.

Garages have four walls with unattractive windows, if at all. These walls obstruct the view of the surroundings. If the house is located in a place that is scenic, then using up a large area from the lot for building an ugly enclosure that cannot be utilized for enjoying the beauty all around is almost criminal.

Garages also impose a restriction on the size of the vehicles that the homeowner or person residing in the home wishes to own. People do change vehicles every now and then, depending upon the size of their family and other requirements. However, the size of the garage does not wax and wane accordingly. Therefore, they have to limit their choices to those vehicles that can be kept in their garages.

This problem can also affect the tenants, if the homeowner decides to leave the property. Effectively, the choice of tenants gets limited to only those who can keep their vehicles in the house’s garage. Likewise, when the homeowner is moving elsewhere, he or she may be forced to pay higher rent for accommodating his or her car.

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