8 Microwave Carts That Will Save Space And Make Your Kitchen Look Good

Almost every kitchen owner has a microwave these days. And because microwave ovens come in different sizes, finding space for them can be a challenge when all you rely on is your countertop. So in order to make your kitchen look neat and tidy, you need a microwave cart. These units are similar to other kitchen carts, but in most cases, they come with multiple shelves and drawers to allow more storage space. Microwave carts come in different sizes to accommodate the varying sizes of microwave units as well as other kitchen utensils.

To choose the best microwave cart for your kitchen storage, you need to consider your choices based on your needs. You know the size of your microwave, plus you also know the space constraints on your kitchen countertop. Every kitchen is unique, which is why every microwave cart is also uniquely designed. Here are 8 examples of microwave carts you can sample. We've also included the prices and where to find them.

1) Black Microwave cart with power strip (http://is.gd/2lSbDI)

If style in the kitchen is your concern, then you should consider this elegant microwave cart that comes with 4 wooden shelves to accommodate your microwave and other kitchen items. It also comes with a power extension to connect to your microwave with ease. The pull-out middle shelves and drawer beneath have a natural finish to give the whole unit an attractive look and feel. Lastly, it's constructed using heavy-duty steel and wheels to facilitate movement. It is only 60 inches tall, 24 inches across and 17 inches deep. It will cost you $77 only, plus there's free shipping.

2) Microwave/Kitchen utility shelf on casters (http://is.gd/EgGO9q)

This unit is another space saver for your small kitchen, thought it costs $82 compared to the first unit. It has two shelves in the middle and a drawer at the bottom. The metal frames are durable, and the whole unit feels sturdy. You only need to assemble it in a few minutes before using it. It's elegantly designed while also easy to move from point A to B around the kitchen area.

3) R0018 Cherry microwave cart (http://is.gd/HZzWmX)

This unit is fashionable to any kitchen decor. However, instead of having the drawer at the bottom, it has it at the top, followed by two shelves, one in the middle and the last one at the bottom. It's made of bronze metal with cherry finish, enough storage to store your microwave and other kitchen appliances. Lastly, it's easy to assemble and appreciate, while it only costs $105.

4) Kitchen shelf on caster by Crown Mark (http://is.gd/j8Q6PM)

Do you have a big family-size microwave oven? Then this cart is just for you. It's durable and easy to assemble. It's black in color, with 4 shelves and a drawer beneath. Style is the epitome of things here. It will only cost you $76 to get it.

5) Microwave stand with black power outlet (http://is.gd/4CuDqB)

With strong heavy-duty steel frame and wheels for easy movement, this unit gives value for what you pay. It gives an impression of a natural finish. Just like the first four, it has pull-out shelves and a drawer to store your kitchen items. It also has two grounded power outlet to power your oven, coffee maker or any other kitchen appliance that uses power. It's quite simple to assemble, at only $86.

6) White and natural finish kitchen microwave cart (http://is.gd/CHqhSQ)

This is a simple kitchen cart for the lower end of the market. It accommodates your oven at the top, with space below to store your fruits and utensils. It also has wheels to facilitate easy movement. It comes in white color, so if you love white and you can't afford top of the range kitchen carts, then this unit is right for you. It costs $46 only.

7) Black microwave cart with 2 shelves and wheels (http://is.gd/Hw1Iwo)

Here's another simple microwave cart to store your oven, wine and kitchen utensils. It's a two self black cart with a bottom basket for extra space. It measures 40 inches tall, 24 inches across and 17 inches deep. Buy it at $93 only.

8) Organize-it-all providence kitchen cart (34123w) (http://is.gd/n79bEK)

Place your oven on the top, then use the spaces below to store things that matter to you in the kitchen environment. It has a utensils drawer and wheels to move around. It's one of the cheapest in the market, at only $53.

Depending on what you want and the space requirements for your kitchen, any one of the kitchen carts above will suite you well. Go for what you can afford provided the unit you're buying will serve its purpose.

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