How To Maintain Your Cabinets With Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Are you tired of the way your kitchen looks? Do you feel the need to spruce it and repair its cabinets? These repairs are not as simple as most people think since the results will be determined by the tools used and the level of experience applied. It is thus imperative for you to work on your kitchen cabinet hardware such as shelves, slides, knobs, doors, drawers and pulls since they are seen first by anyone entering. Moreover, they can be the most outdated things in your kitchen that you have never updated. Below are detailed instructions on how to carry out your repairs.


They tend to wear with time as jars and cans damage the protective pain covering them. To fix the paint, you will be required to remove the flakes and apply a new layer to make the surface smooth. Remove all the screws holding the cabinet and the cabinet doors to have full access to the interior. Use a pH-neutral cleanser to clean the interior using a sponge. Clean and rinse the interior using clean water and use a rag to dry the cabinet interior. Examine the remaining paint for flakes paint and scratch them off using a knife. Use a sandpaper to level them. Remove the paint form the shelves and use a paintbrush to paint a moderate layer of paint. Allow the paint to dry for two days and replace the cabinet doors.

Cabinet door

Kitchen cabinet doors may have problems such as gaps, loose hinges or failing to close. You can fix these problems without replacing the whole cabinet section as explained below.

a) Loose hinges: Replace the old screws with new ones which are a bit longer to make sure the door is firmly in place. You can also replace the hinges with new hinges to make sure the door balances. If the door fails to balance, unscrew the hinges again and drill a new hole in the door and the dowel to fix the hinges more firmly.

b) Door that doesn’t close: Inspect the hinges and check for gaps. Compare the hinges with other hinges in the kitchen and look whether they are painted or they look older. If the hinges have any paint, scrap it off using sandpaper or butter knife and look whether the door will close. If the door fails to close, try loosening the hinges. Loosen the bottom hinges if the door closes at the top or both hinges if the door doesn’t close at all. Use a screwdriver to move the hinges in the right direction. Tap them to the right if the door extends to the left.


Drawers wear out with time due to continuous use. In most cases, the track that the drawer slides on loosens lowering its efficiency. Drawer repair requires the existing slide to be replaced because it is pulled out many times making it to twist or even bend. It is advisable to replace the slide if it is twisted instead of trying to straighten it.

Empty the drawer and remove it from the cabinet. Unscrew the existing slides form the drawer box and the cabinet. Take note of where the drawer failed and ensure the wood in those sections is sturdy to hold new slides. Replace the slide and attach them in the drawer box of the cabinet. Screw the slide and insert the drawer by dropping the wheels into the slots of the slides. Slide the slides together and lower the drawer until it is level.

Knobs and handles

Kitchen cabinet handles include pullouts and knobs. They are mainly metallic although they can also be made using plastic or wood. They need repair ifthey have shifted their position. You can also decide to switch from knobs to handles and vice versa. Check your cabinets and determine which handles to replace in order to do the shopping accordingly. Remove the hardware securing the door handles using a head screwdriver. If you are switching from knobs to handles, fill the holes with wood filler since most knobs require only one screw to fasten them. Replace your new knobs or handles and tighten their screws using a screwdriver.

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