Benefits And Ways Of Winterizing A Mobile Home

It is always quite challenging for new homeowners living in a mobile home and facing the first winter as they may not know appropriate ways they can use so as to keep their homes warm. Taking the right steps in winterizing your home not only helps in keeping you warm but also helps in keeping your energy bills down. It also ensures that your home is well safeguarded against the severe cold weather. Below are some of the ways and benefits of how to winterize a mobile home.

1) Clean the home gutters

You need to remove the fallen leaves and other debris from the gutters. You can either use your hands or a spatula or scrapper. After this you need to rinse them so that the melting snow and the winter’s rain can drain. This is because clogged drains can cause ice dams thereby causing water backs up and freezing of water. Make sure that the downspouts are carrying away the water from the foundation of the house.

2) Block the leaks

Blocking the leaks around your house is among best ways of winterizing your home both inside and outside. To do this effectively, you first need to find where the leaks are occuring. Buy the door sweeps and use them to close the spaces under the exterior doors. Outside the house, you need to seal the leaks using a weather-resistant caulk. One can use the masonry sealer for the brick areas. This also helps in keeping the insects away from entering into your home.

3) Check the furnace

Turn the furnace on to make sure that it is working prior the coldest weather. When firing up your furnace in the autumn, a strong, short-lasting and odd smell is common and natural and therefore you need to open the windows so as to dissipate it. You can shut down the furnace and hire a professional if the smell lasts for a long time. Furnaces should be tuned and cleaned yearly. During the winter you are supposed to change the furnace filters frequently. This is because a dirty filter obstructs airflow and thus reduces the efficiency and can even cause fire under extreme cases.

Other common tips you can use to winterize your home include insulating yourself, getting the ducts in a row, checking your chimney, reversing the fan, wrapping the pipes and lastly checking the alarms.

The following are the benefits you will enjoy if you winterize your home:

1) Enables one to locate the main water tap

Most homeowners do not know where the water main shut off is. In case of any emergency such as winterizing your house one gets to know where the water main is located. This will enable to shut off the water within a short time so as to minimize any damage in case one of the pipes bursts due to freezing.

2) Helps in fixing the leaks

Any kind of leak regardless of it being large or small can become a big problem especially when the temperatures drop. Take your time and check all the exposed pipes both indoors and outdoors for leaks. By doing so, it will help you to fix any leak you will find.

3) Outside hose bips

Protecting all pipes and hose bips from the cold weather is very crucial. Start by removing the garden hoses which are connected to the outdoor faucets. This will help in ensuring that the water does not stay trapped in the hose bip as it can freeze. Freezing may lead to the damage of pipes. You will also need to drain the water that hoses may be having in them before you store them. The best place to store them during the winter is in the shed or garage.

4) Sprinklers system

The pipes of the irrigation system may collect water. The collected water may freeze due to the cold weather. For you to winterize the sprinkler system, turn off the water from the mains and flush out the collected water by simply turning on the valves.

5) Seasonal shutdown

When winter comes, there are some things that need to be kept safe during that period. You should turn off the water supply and then drain the plumbing system. The damage can be catastrophic if leaks occur without occupancy.

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