Tips On How To Throw A Successful Yard Or Garage Sale

Having a garage or yard sale should not be all work without fun. It is important to plan and advertise properly because they are the basic things of making the sale profitable and successful. This will let you think outside the box and take your garage sales to the next level. The planning can be involving, but it is worth since you want to make huge profits at the end of the sales. Follow these tips on how to throw a yard sale that will attract a lot of buyers.

Prepare your garage or yard

Your sale process should begin by separating all the items for sale in the yard into different categories. The categories may include movies, books, knick-knacks, toys and clothes. Some categories may be divided further into sub-categories. For instance, the clothing category can be divided into children’s clothing, men’s clothing and women’s clothing. Moreover, put all the electric tools and electronics together and provide a power source for customers to test them

Indicate prices

Mark all the categorized items with the simplest pricing applicable. The best way of pricing is posting generalized prices such as all shirts $1 or all toys at 75 cents each. Nevertheless, make sure the pricing is clear, visible and made carefully.

Leaving walking paths

Try to arrange your tables in a U-shaped pattern to leave an open end for shoppers to walk around freely without missing any item or category. The U-shaped-tables pattern should create a good display that will not scatter everything randomly on card tables.


1) Use tickets

Place big-tickets in the front of the nearby street to attract people. The tickets will draw the attention of potential buyers, who will begin window shopping’ from their cars. Some of them are likely to end up shopping in your garage or yard after seeing quality items. You can also display details about the yard sale on the windows of your car. Be sure to include your phone number on the tickets for people who may require further explanations reach you quickly.

2) Use local newspaper and post online messages

It is wise to use as many advertising ways as you can because you want to create awareness and encourage many people to come shopping. Posting adverts and messages online and on the local newspapers are good ways of drawing attention of large number of potential buyers.

3) Street Signs
Place large and easy-to-read adverts on the intersections and main streets near your yard or garage. The signs should have all the important details about the sale with a professional look. Some of the important details that you must include for them to be effective include your house address, the date and time of sale. The online messages should include details of the yard sale and be posted on forums or groups with people interested in yard sales.

4) Use local radio station

Posting short advert plugs for your garage sales at the local radio station is quite expensive, but it comes with many benefits. Many people within your target area will get the information and probably spread it to their friends.

Open the sale early in the morning

Garage or yard shoppers leave their homes early and you don’t want to miss any potential buyer. So, be sure to open the sale early to make sure every person in your neighborhood looking for items gets a chance to buy in your yard. Ensure you have adequate people to help you on the sales day. You can make sure every category has a person for efficiency and to serve the buyers fast.

Additional preparations and tips

- Be sure to arrange all the items in their respective categories the day before the sales

- Go to the bank and get different currency values such as cents, $1 and $5 to make sure you have the necessary change

- Indicate no early birds’ in your adverts and tickets if you don’t want potential buyers to show up at the crack of dawn

- Don’t leave your cash box unattended since some people may take it as opportunity to benefit themselves

- Try to place valuable items close to your seat to keep a close eye on them

- Check the weather because it can determine whether your garage sale will be successful or not.

- Make sure you have a good paper bags supply for your customers to carry away their items. You can also hire several strong teenagers to help the customers move heavy purchases.

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