Tips And Tricks On How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are an important element of the holiday season. Nothing indicates that its Christmas time like the beautiful decorations and lights. Most people start shopping for the lights months before the big day so as to decorate the inside and outside of their homes. When buying outdoor Christmas lights, the first thing that you must put into consideration is the type of light.

There are different types of outdoor Christmas lights ranging from traditional C7 and C9 lights to the modern LED lights. The lights are available in different shapes and sizes. When buying, ensure that you pick those lights that are marked as 'outdoor only’, as they are the only ones that are durable enough and can survive outdoor conditions. This is particularly important if you liver in an area with harsh climatic conditions. Check the product carefully to ensure that you get the light that is best suited for your need.

Some of the most popular Christmas lights options include the C7 and C9 lights. The C7 lights have a length of 2 inches while the C9 lights are 3 inches long. To add to their aesthetic value, both styles can be colored or just plain white. The lights are popular for their brightness and their long-lasting value.. However, they do not last as long the LED lights. No other type of Christmas light can produce a shine like these lights. They have bulbs that are screwed into their individual sockets, making it possible to fully customize the strings of lights as homeowners can buy a sequence or pattern of their choice.

Though they are bright, flashy and durable, the C7 and C9 lights have their own disadvantages. Since they are made of glass and filament, they can be incredibly fragile. They can also be easily shattered and this raises questions about their suitability for outdoor purposes. Though the lights are still a popular choice for decorators due to their shine and brilliance, they are becoming less popular due to these disadvantages.

The incandescent Christmas lights, also known as mini lights, are smaller and closely spaced as compared to the C7 and C9 lights. They have between 100 and 600 bulbs. However, the bulb’s spacing, color and size depends on the particular model of the light. These types of lights are popular because of their diversity. They can be decorated easily due to their small sizes. However, the bulbs are less bright and therefore, aren’t the best choice for outdoor use. Their bulbs are also built in set and therefore, a failure of one bulb will damage the whole set.

The LED Christmas lights are relatively new and make use of light emitting diodes. They are more efficient and are available in a range of sizes and shapes. The lights can be incredibly durable. However, their greatest advantage is in the amount of electricity that can be saved from the use of the lights. Some decorators suggest that it is possible to cut Christmas electricity cost by up to 90% while using the LED Christmas lights.

When buying the Christmas lights, you can choose to do it either online or offline. If you choose to do it online, there are many sites where you can find the lights. Some of the recommended sites include eBay, Amazon and Craigslist.

After buying , you will need to consider how hang outdoor Christmas lights. Ensure that you use the suitable light hangers. Search for specialized light clips that are designed for the purpose. Before you hang the light, be sure to test it. This will help you realize if you have a dud early enough rather than after spending many hours stringing the lights. Ensure that the first strand of the lights start from the place where you intend to plug them. Hang the lights following the house’s natural architectural line. To create a professional look, follow the window frames and the roof lines. If you have porch posts or columns in your home, you can accent the unique features of the house by wrapping them with a Christmas lights strand.

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