Garden Hose Spigot Replacement Options

An outdoor spigot allows the homeowner to connect the garden hose or any water feature to the home’s water supply without necessarily having to run a line from a sink or alternatively tap the main water line in the home. However, just like any other water feature these units can start to corrode, leak or simply get damaged. In such a scenario, having the damaged or leaking spigot replaced not only prevents further damage to the spigot as well as the surrounding wall but will most likely also help you save money since you will be able to stop the leak.

To effectively replace the unit, you should first close the valve that’s used to feed the spigot that you intend to replace. Depending on how your plumbing has been set up, it may be possible to simply close the valve leading to the faucet that you intend to disrupt or alternatively shut off the water completely in a larger portion of the house.

Once this has been done, you should then proceed to disconnect the hose from the garden hose from the spigot if it is attached and then slowly open the spigot valve to completely drain it. Take your time to find out if there is a drain cap or nut between the shut off valve and the spigot, if there is, then you should open it and allow any remaining water remaining to drain into the bucket or any other container that you may have nearby. Once the pipe has been fully drained, make sure you tightly close the nut or drain cap.

You should then proceed to remove the existing spigot by removing any screws which may be holding it in place. You can use a pipe wrench to remove the spigot from the water pipe by simply turning it anti-clockwise. If possible, you should have someone on the other side of the house holding the pipe with another wrench so as to prevent the entire unit from unscrewing as you remove the spigot.

Once the spigot has been removed, check the water pipe to ensure it is still tightly threaded into the stop valve. If necessary, you should tighten it further using a pipe wrench. You should then proceed to clean the threads on the pipe using steel wool or some cleaning compounds if they are corroded or rusted or if they still contain some remnants of the pipe compound which was used to seal the spigot that’s just been removed.

Once this has been done, simply wrap some plumber’s tape around the threaded end of the spigot pipe to prevent any leaks. You can then start screwing the new spigot into place using simple clockwise turns. You should then tighten the unit using a pipe wrench and attach it to the wall with screws if necessary to ensure that the unit is well secured in place.

You can then proceed to open the water valve that had been closed and test the newly installed spigot to ensure it is devoid of leaks and is working properly. You should turn off the water if you need to tighten the spigot further before turning on the valve again.

Here are some of the more popular garden hose spigots readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Brass Rain Barrel Spigot with Bulkhead Fitting

Product Price: $ 15.59

Product URL: http://is.gd/gnX4OV

Product Details: this unit contains less than 0.25 % lead and is thus lead free compliant. The bulkhead fitting does require a 1.25 inch diameter hole to install and can fit up to 0.4 inch thickness wall. The unit does also have a large 10mm flow opening, giving it a great water flow of around 4 gallons per minute. The 3/4 inch female has been threaded all the way, making it easy to install the spigot from either end.

2) Product Name: 2 way solid Y valve garden hose spigot with comfort grip

Product Price: $ 8.99

Product URL: http://is.gd/x44J04

Product Details: the hose connector has been well made, is very solid with absolutely no leaks. The easy turn swivel connector on the hose adapter does attach quickly to any hose connection or standard spigot. The unit is heavy duty, eco-friendly and has a solid brass construction.

3) Product Name: Brass water container spigot with built-in bulkhead fitting

Product Price: $ 11.95

Product URL: http://is.gd/61GWPV

Product Details: the unit is a solid brass ball valve spigot that has a built in bulkhead fitting as well as a garden hose hookup. To install, you need a 7/8 inch or 21mm diameter hole. Low lead unit that contains less than 0.25% lead.

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