The Top 4 Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

The garage doors are now common in many homes. They are automatic and they make life simple since they allow homeowners to enter their garage without struggling a lot. They are usually the first thing that visitors notice after arriving at your home. The doors require regular maintenance to function well for a long period of time. Nevertheless, homeowners are likely to experience various problems that require repairs for the garage door to remain in a good working condition. It is advisable for homeowners to keep inspecting these doors regularly, and repair any problem that they may come across. The following are top four problems that are likely to happen to a garage door and the relevant garage door repair tips to fix them.

1) The garage door fails to close or open

This problem is usually experienced during winter in garage doors made of wood. Most manually operated doors won’t close or open because of loose mounting brackets, blockage on the tracks of the door, dents, or deformed tracks. On the other hand, automatic doors may fail to open if there is something wrong with the programming. You may need to reprogram for the key pad to work. Frayed wires in the unit and obstruction in the clear line of transmission can also make this type of door fail to close or open.

Check the sides of your garage door for any weather stripping and adjust the units until the door opens. You may need to do extra repairs that include:

- Apply weather stripping at the bottom if the door is made of wood

- Look whether the door is frozen. Ice can form on your door and prevent it from opening or closing. Fix this problem by applying heat to the sides and bottom using a hair dryer, or use de-icing products to break the ice.

- Look for a replacement transmitter that matches the model of your garage door and use it to locate the door sensor. The sensor is located on the left side and it has a glass eye with several wires attached to the track with nuts and bolts. Tighten the nuts to lock it in place.

2) Sticking when closing or opening

Sticking garage doors are very disturbing, especially after a long day’s work when you are on a hurry to remove your vehicle from the garage. The sticking can be caused by different problems that include clogged or dirty alignment tracks, and metal rollers and hinges that need lubrication.

- Check the track from the bottom to the top of the door

- Straighten the track if its edges are bent or crooked

- Use a screwdriver or your fingers to remove any debris that may be stuck on the track preventing the door from operating smoothly. The debris may include leaves, caked-in dirt or garbage.

3) Squeaking sound when opening or closing the garage door

The squeaking sound is usually associated with lack of proper lubrication. You should not ignore this problem, no matter how small it may appear since it can lead to breakdown in the future. Lack of lubrication causes labored movement, noise and damages the door if not fixed.

Be sure to inspect the rollers and railings in order to decide what next. At times, you will find the parts of the door require lubrication to resume their normal functioning. In this case, be sure to

- Brush the affected parts using kerosene

- Use steel wool if the parts are rusty

- Lubricate the parts by spraying the affected using lithium or deep penetrating grease based silicon.

- Replace the parts if they are badly corroded

- Look at the opener, clean the chain or drive screw and lubricate them

- Check if the wheels are moving freely or if they are stuck by dirt or debris. Clean the wheel area thoroughly, remove the debris and wipe the area using a sponge.

4) The door opener fails

The garage door opener may fail because of four main reasons; blocked sensors malfunctioning springs, too loose or tight chain and misaligned tracks. The solution differs depending on the reason behind the failing of the opener. The opener sits at the top of the door and it can be repaired by the homeowner as follows:

- Test the action of the door from a wall-mounted control assembly

- Check the sensor and clean it using a dry rag if the unit fails to move completely

- Use a screwdriver to adjust the screw at the back of the unit using quarter turns

- Replace the batteries of the opener

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