Exterior Window Awning Shopping And Installation Instructions

There are definite factors that play a significant role when you want to purchase an exterior window awning that gets the best results to an apartment, home or a shopping facility. An awning is that something giving a grand appearance to the exterior side of where you want to fit it. It provides a noticeable stylish look and additional protection that will make your home have the elegance worth the purchase. Due to their high demand, it is increasingly hard to find perfect exterior window awnings, thus when planning to purchase the window awning for your home, certain criteria need to be observed. Some of the things to do include:

Assess your Home

Before any consideration to own an awning for your home, you must undergo a thorough study of your home. Due to various awning types available in the market already, with the selection of each depending on the window type used and window direction, there is every need for one to analyze these factors comprehensively. The window direction whether east or west plays a very huge significance depending on the direct sunlight received on either direction. If the sunlight received directly happens most during the day ,the choice of awnings will have to absorb maximum heat and provide long shadows.

Size of your window

To provide a perfect fit that defines the nature of the house from the outside you will have to measure your window to match the right size of the awning. In different homes, windows are in different shapes and sizes. In such cases it is important to have knowledge of window awning of standard sizes that matches the windows size .This helps to save some amount that will have been spent on custom made awnings.

Set your budget

Many factors will have to be considered while setting your budget for purchasing the awnings. Both short term and long term cost will have to be considered while looking at how many awnings needed and the best style that suits your home. Any unnecessary costs that arise with future replacement will have to be avoided.

Material of the awning

Awning materials range from fabric, canvas, metallic, aluminum, and copper awnings. Though pretty looking, canvas and fabric awnings are less durable and may wear out before long, whereas their metallic counterparts like aluminum are long lasting but generally more expensive. Copper awnings are best in durability and they turn out to be cost friendly with their low cost of maintenance and rare replacements needed.

Home look and structure

Different awning styles and patterns depend on the house general structure. It is very important that the choice of awning is made based on the home overall structure to avoid mismatch that may even hurt your budget plans.


In any installation exercise you must make right tool selection based on the work involved. the tools needed here include; a portable drill, wood bit, mortar bit, masonry lags, lag screws, hammer, level, tape measure, caulking gun, carpenters pencil, outside enamel paint, weather caulk and a frame wood for bricks if necessary.

The following are steps and procedures taken;

1. Measure the length and width of your windows area. The angle pitch of a window awning area is generally more than for other areas like doors. Also the fact that window awnings come in various standard sizes make it necessary to take these measurements as they guide you to determine the best fit possible for that size.

2. With a tape measure take the length and width measurements of the window. The awnings sides fit in the center frames on the window while the top is either at the window frame or above the frame. Once these measurements are taken then the proper window owning can be obtained from the shop.

3. Prepare your hanging area. This stage include getting rid of loose screws and nails and if necessary painting the frame and allowing it to dry. If the awning is being put on a brick made building, a wooden frame will have to be attached on the brick area. A 1 inch thick and 4 inches wide wood will be enough to secure the awning. Using the mortar drill bit, holes are made between the bricks in the groves and then lag screws are tapped in by a hammer to secure the wood frame to the sides of the bricks. Later an enamel paint that matches your house is applied.

4. With everything ready and the awning available, mark where the awning goes using a tape measure and the carpenters’ pencil. For a straight line a chalk line may be used. Let you be assisted to hold it in place as you mark the drilling points and setting the level in the right positions.

5. Secure the awning starting from top. The side fits against the window frames or the walls as the top is anchored in place. Double check the straightness using the level and proceed to secure the sides on the frame with screws.

5. Caulk the awning onto the frame using a caulk gun. This prevents water to remain inside and rot out the screw holes. The caulking gun should have a clear caulking and this should be done both on the awning inside and outside.

For a retractable awning, its frame attached to the frame of the window is unrolled by hand. The awning can either be left unrolled or rolled up as one needs.

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