Get Rid Of Crawlspace Mold And Moisture With Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

 Whichever way you look at it, keeping your crawlspace dry can be quite a challenge. That’s why many people opt for a crawl space dehumidifier which can help in controlling the moisture content. There are several factors tough that one must take into consideration when choosing one.

First and foremost get a dehumidifier that’s meant for a crawl space, don’t be tempted to use one meant for the home. A crawl space dehumidifier is usually quite compact in size. Measure your crawl space so as to know the size that fits your space and has the capacity to keep your space dry; they are usually sized according to the amount of moisture they can remove within a twenty four (24) hour period. The relative dampness of your crawl space will therefore also influence the size of dehumidifier you will require so as to keep the space dry.

To avoid regular visits to your crawl space, get a dehumidifier with an automatic pump. Such a pump ensures that the unit works when needed since the pump has a drain hose connected to it, the hose is used to pump water outside into a designated space; the hose can be snaked through a window, door, vent or even a sink drain. If it does not have a pump, you will be forced to get to the space to empty the bucket once it is full and re-start the pump.

Because they tend to consume a lot of electricity, it is therefore very important to choose energy efficient dehumidifiers for crawl spaces. Some models allow you to adjust the unit to varying levels of dryness so as to accommodate the ever changing humidity levels, some also come with a floating switch which only pumps the unit when the bucket is completely full rather than pumping continuously.

Here are some of the most popular models currently available in the market:

1) Product Name: AprilAire 1710A dehumidifier

Price: $ 1049.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/aprilaire-1710-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: can remove up to 90 pints of moisture per day. Comes with a supplied hose, easy to use controls and a rugged steel construction it also has a MERV 8 replaceable air filter. It is an Energy Star rated model and is sold with a 5 year warranty. It can also handle moisture removal in very small crawl spaces without much ado.

2) Product Name: Santa Fe Impact XI

Price: $ 2028.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/santa-fe-impact-xt-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: removes around 105 pints per day, doing all this quite efficiently and effectively too. It can cover up to 2500 square feet, has auto restart and defrost capabilities and a much superior MERV 11 air filtration and an industry leading warranty. It is one of the best dehumidifiers in the market currently.

3) Product Name: Dri-Eaz PHD 200

Price: $ 1199.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/dri-eaz-phd-200-crawlspace-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: a powerful and compact dehumidifier, it can remove 75 pints per day of moisture even though this can be extended to 134 pints under extreme conditions. The machine has a digital display and a powerful built in humidistat; allowing you to get instantaneous humidity conditions in your crawl space and adjust the machine accordingly; saving you lots of energy in the process.

4) Product Name: Santa Fe Force Dehumidifier

Price: $ 1798.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/santa-fe-force-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: has a top end water removal capacity of around 120 pints per day and can easily cover a space of around 2500 square feet. It has a steel construction and comes packed with a MERV 8 air filter which comes in handy in keeping debris and harmful dirt out of the coils and blower motor. It also packs a very powerful condensate pump which can easily remove condensate vertically and horizontally with a lot of ease.

5) Product Name: Ebac CD85

Price: $ 1249.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/ebac-cd85-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: it can remove up to 56 pints per day, it is a highly versatile machine that conveniently dries the space and pumps the water away using an internal condensate pump. It also has a relatively rugged frame made from steel; making it quite sturdy and strong.

6) Product Name: Santa Fe Compact dehumidifier

Price: $ 1117.00

Web URL: http://www.achooallergy.com/santa-fe-compact-dehumidifier.asp

Product Details: a compact model that can fit between floor joists and can extract 70 pints of moisture per day, covering an area of around 1800 square feet. Has a rugged steel construction that’s easy to set up and use. Has auto restart, auto defrost and an MERV 8 air filter. This is a powerful workhorse by any standard.

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