Doorway Awnings Giving Exemplary Beauty To Your Mobile Home

Awnings today for both mobile homes and manufactured homes are turning to be a necessity among many homeowners rather than a luxury. They usually add visual interest to your mobile home at the same time providing shade for patio, windows and door entrance. The all system of braces, rollers plus blinds for mobile home awnings forms a system which eases installation and the entire setup process. Wow! You will be amazed how your investment turns your home into a beauty zone. There are many types of awnings, those for doors, windows, decks and even canopies. This article will narrow down to doorway awnings.

A doorway awning gives your mobile home a fantastic look without actually using a lot of effort. As the demand for these types of awnings surges, and so their production. Many types are manufactured day by day just to meet your needs. Not every doorway awning suits your mobile home or even you yourself. The following factors would help you go for the right doorway awning that meets your needs.

1) Check with the authorities if a building permit is required before erecting a mobile home doorway awning.

If it is actually needed, find out if it is the builder who will secure the permit for you. This is not common to mobile homes as is in the manufactured homes but do not ignore because you might land into trouble.

2) Check if there are limits to the dimensions of your door frame before installing your awning.

Before going to shop for the doorway awning that fits your mobile home after getting the permit, if it was needed, take the measurements of the door frame that the awning will be fixed onto. This allows you request for custom made awning if need be.

3) Identify the kind of architecture that fits your desired design.

If you are the kind of person who likes to be classic, then you should go for the modern doorway awnings rather than the traditional ones. Check the overall design of your home before you settle for a particular door awning.

4) Assess the durability of the door frame where the awning is going to be attached.

Make necessary maintenance to the door frame before the awning is actually installed. You can restructure the style of the door frame to fit into your modern awning design. If you require covering the stairwell you might consider incorporating a frame that bolts into the concrete on the porch.

5) Choose the correct material and color that complements with your mobile home.

This is indeed essential because it makes your home unique and be recognized with particular style and color. The common materials you can find out there include the plastic, vinyl or acrylic materials. Choose a material that is not easily susceptible to wear and tear depending on the nature of your area’s climate.

Perhaps, you are now in the capacity of choosing the right doorway awning for your home. Other factors you might consider include choosing the right fabric patterns and whether the awning should be a retractable one or one which requires manual installation.

Types of Doorway Awnings

There are quite a number of doorway awnings in the market to meet the needs of every mobile home. The two common types of awnings are those made of metal or canvas.

Canvas awnings are preferable among many mobile homeowners because of their flexibility and easy maintenance. However, metal awnings are still being used by some people because they offer almost the same benefits as the canvas ones.

If you want to start shopping today for doorway awnings, you may have to go to your local store or browse over the web for the design that suits your door. Check some examples of door awnings below by following the following links to start with. In the links, you will get to know the price and other details.

Homedepot.com has some door awnings for sale. There is the AWNTECH 12 ft. LX-Maui Manual Retractable Acrylic Awning that sells for $969.00. The heavy duty, energy saving MAUI is a standard retractable awning that comes in manual or Motorized with remote opetion versions. It is a heavy duty awning with powder coated in white. The available sizes are starting 8 ft. wide up to 24 ft. wide with 7 ft. projection up to 10 ft. standard projection with optional 11.5 ft. and 12 ft. projection for 14 ft. wide and larger models. The fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic and available in many solid and striped patterns to choose from. The valance can be removed and stored in the winter. It will turn your outdoor living space into a personal retreat in the summer and retract for the warmth of the sun in the winter. This awning is designed for wall mount only.

Homedepot.com also sells the NuImage Awnings 5 ft. 2500 Series Aluminum Door Canopy and it has the following product description: This rugged aluminum door canopy is designed to stand up to harsh rain, snow and sun. It reduces summer cooling cost as much as 20% while keeping you safe from the elements. Our aluminum door canopy will keep your furnishings from fading due to the daily exposure to sunlight. All awnings are shipped with standard support arms that can be adjusted during installation for maximum projection. All undersides are powder coated white. NuImage Aluminum Door Canopies carry a 5 year warranty against manufacture defects.

You can acquire a lot of benefits when you install awnings to your doors. Your mobile home will pride of style when you install awnings on its doors. Door awnings will help in absorbing heat from the sun and provides protection against wind, rain and other foreign particles.

When you choose the right doorway awnings for your mobile home, it is beyond doubt that you will be amazed by the new aesthetics and decoration added to your home. Remember to maintain frequently the awnings so that they last long and continue giving your home exemplary beauty.

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